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The best advice for musicians

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to the best advice for musicians. However, if you want to be successful in the music industry, it’s important to follow a simple rule:

Be creative in your songwriting but promote your music as a product.

I know someone is already cracking their fingers to type a contradictory comment but bear with me for a while. What I mean with this sentence is one simple thing – distinguish your music piece, a.k.a the thing you poured yourself into, from the promotional, a.k.a. business part is essential. That’s of course if you want to make things work.

best advice for musicians

If your band (or you as an artist for that matter) is not yet working with a manager, then promoting your latest music will be your job. This means you can’t respond emotionally to hurtful feedback. Be respectful and don’t allow yourself to get hurt in any way.

Leave the emotional stage for the creation part of your music – when you’re writing the first chords of a new song, when drafting the lyrics or dancing in front of the microphone in the studio while recording.

Make music that you are passionate about and that you believe people will want to listen to. Live through your music while creating it and distance yourself emotionally when releasing it. Promote your art through social media, advertising, and all possible marketing channels. By treating an album as a product you can ensure that it’s reaching the widest possible audience and making the most impact.

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